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10 Oct

IICTF 2019 to be organised from 11 to 13 October in New Delhi

Centre government has taken various prominent decisions targeting to increase the exports in agriculture sector upto 60 billion by 2022; India International Cooperative Trade Fair 2019 which will be organised in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan between 11 and 13 October would enhance the role of small peasants and cooperative organisations in export. More than 150 cooperative organisations and representatives from around 35 countries will be participating in the Fair.

In a boost for small and marginalised farmers and cooperative organisations the government has announced that The India International Cooperative Trade Fair which would be organised in New Delhi later this month.

The Government maintains that the small farmers and cooperative organisations play vital role in achieving the goal of doubling export in agriculture sector by 2022.

The Trade fair aims at bridging the gap between small farmers and the international market via technology. This is India’s first ever trade fair organised for small farmers and cooperative organisations.

The fair will not only showcase entire value chain but also packaging and various techniques of marketing including things related to export.

According to government, at least 94% of farmers are member of Cooperative Organisations. This fair would help accomplish the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s to double the income of farmers.

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